Froutagora Lemnou
since 1998
About Us
The history of the Fruit Market of Lemnos begins a long time ago, when the previous generations of Garoflalidis family started growing fruits and vegetables, until it evolved into the present business in 1998.

All these years, the Fruit Market of Lemnos provides your homes with quality products grown in the affluent soils of Lemnos! The last few years, the company has grown and is now based on wholesale, which is the main pillar of its activities. 

Fruit Market of Lemnos has developed big supply channels from the central vegetable markets of Athens and Thessaloniki, while at the same time we maintain the trusted local producers for the supply of local products of Lemnos.

During this time, the biggest hotels, restaurants and businesses of the island have

stood beside us and maintaining us as their exclusive supplier!  With our long-term professional experience and the help of our owned refrigerated cars, every order will always arrive safely to you. 

Always fresh
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