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since 1998
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Fruit Market of Lemnos has developed big supply channels

from the central vegetable markets of Athens and Thessaloniki, while at the same time we maintain the trusted local producers for the supply of local products of Lemnos. The biggest hotels, restaurants and businesses of the island have stood beside us and maintaining us as their exclusive supplier!  With our long-term professional experience and the help of our owned refrigerated cars, every order will always arrive safely to you.

"Our experienced team is always here for enerything you need..."
Phone Orders

The Fruit Market of Lemnos gives you the possibility of telephone orders and can delivery directly to your business.  You can trust us to choose the best for you, without having to hassle. We make sure to select the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables and deliver them to you with just a phone call!  


Whichever way you choose to place your orderit will arrive as scheduled, with our owned refrigerated cars. With professionalism, safety and consistency, we can schedule the delivery of your order and give you a solution to the supply of your business. 

Cruise ship catering

Fruit Market of Lemnos undertakes with professionalism and consistency the supply of cruise ships, to enjoy the most delicious and fresh meals on board. The best local seasonal fruits and vegetables can be part of the kitchens of the largest cruise ships and meet their needs for the provision of high-quality meals. 

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